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unravels the web of lies police say ultimately led them back to their suspect. we learned the motive in this heinous crime. it centers around stolen merchandise. prosecutors say the suspect, 28- year-old brittany norwood, attacked and killed her co- worker jayna murray after discovering stolen items in her bag. she is held without bond. paul wagner was in the courtroom and live with more details. paul? >> reporter: well, brian, the way the prosecutor john mccarthy laid it out today, whoever killed jayna murray was in a rage. he said there were so many blows to her head they were too numerous to mention. her throat was slashed and her pants cut to make it appear she was sexually assaulted. and mccarthy told the judge that brittany norwood told so many lies that they could not be connected back to the
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physical evidence that was left behind investigators spoke with brittany norwood five separate times. in one conversation they wanted to know in norwood was inside murray's car. when she said no detectives knew they were on to something. >> there was evidence of both brittany and jayna having been in that car previously when she denied having ever been in the car before. >> reporter: john mccarthy said murray's blood, norwood's blood and a hat belonging to norwood were found inside. here is what we know about what happened that night. jayna murray and brittany norwood closed the store at 9:00 p.m. after setting the alarm, the two left at 9:45. a few minutes later jayna called her boss to say she discovered stolen merchandise in norwood's bag. the boss told jayna to leave it alone -- alone and she would take care of it the next day. and the alarm indicates the front door is opened at 10:05 p.m.
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when the two women return. at 10:30 p.m. apple store employees say they heard two women screaming. there were no male voices. state's attorney john mccarthy said the attack inside the store went on for 20 minutes. norwood told police jayna started the fight. it's unclear whether jayna confronted norwood against her boss' wishes. john mccarthy said it's open for speculation. once norwood was placed under arrest police invited her family into an interview room where they laid out the details of the crime. >> as was stated in open court, the detective outlined for the family in the presence of the defendant basically everything i said in open court and probably went into greater detail. and then the brother was left alone with her. >> reporter: john mccarthy said norwood's brother asked his sister what happened and she said i don't want to disappoint you, they may be recording this. john mccarthy then said the
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brother asked his sister why she had gotten into a fight and she simply said i don't know. brian? >> today is there any question about brittany norwood's state of mind or past psychological issues? it seems so violent and such a snap judgment for somebody to decide if she is guilty of this crime, it seems like there might be a pattern in her history? >> reporter: that is what everybody is wondering but we have found no evidence of that. john mccarthy was asked about that but he wouldn't comment on that. typically in situations like this, you may see the defense attorney asking for what they call a forensic exam, a psychiatric exam, but that was not done today by the defense attorney. and her state of mind was not questioned in open court. so what her background might be as far as that is concerned, it's unclear at this point. we do know she does not have a criminal record. >> paul wagner reporting live for us tonight. stay with fox 5 for continuing
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coverage of the-- the lulu lemon murder. look for the link in the hot topics bar near the top of the home page. in libya tonight, u.s. fighter pilots are enforcing a no-fly zone over libya after a barrage of allied missiles struck anti-aircraft defenses but there are big questions moving forward about how long and how far the u.s. will go as it involves itself in a war. tom fitzgerald in the news room now and the president sought to answer a few of the questions today. >> he did, brian. and the president is in chile tonight as he continues his trip in latin america. in a news conference this afternoon, president obama said moving forward, the u.s. is going to take on a diminished role in this operation but clearly tonight the u.s. military is in the lead in libya. u.s. military officials say so far the no-fly zone is proving successful. as two days of attacks by the
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u.s. and allies, gadhafi has been unable to launch new air attacks against other forces. >> we have spent considerable effort to degrade libya's machines military command and control capability. >> reporter: the no-fly zone is in place other northern libya. the goal is to stop gadhafi from using his air forces to strike at cities held by the rebels. >> not only was he carrying out murders of civilians, but he threatened more. >> reporter: in chile president obama repeated that the u.s. lead role in libya with a not be open-ended and said u.s. allies would eventually take over. >> we anticipate this transition to take place in a matter of di -- days and not a matter of weeks. >> reporter: in two days 125 tomahawk missiles have struck
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libian anti-aircraft and a building inside gadhafi's compound. his act location is unknown but his backers claim the allis are endangering civilians. >> families and children and men and women have come from everywhere to stay day and night to protect this location. >> reporter: but while the united states said the no-fly zone is meant to protect libian civilians, some experts say it draws the u.s. into a long-term role there. >> when you're getting involved in an internal dispute, you're picking sides. >> reporter: crease people said much like iraq after sad all, it would require support. >> putting other governments into power and being responsible for what they do draws the united states into conflicts we don't understand very well. >> reporter: and while libian rebel forces are celebrating the air attacks, president obama repeated u.s. ground troops will not be used,
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meaning any victory over gadhafi will have to be won on the ground by the rebels themselves. >> this happened so fast over the weekend, all of a sudden we heard that french war planes were over libya and we were involved. and i'm sure a lot of lawmakers are grumbling about the fact they weren't consulted on this thing here. >> you're right. and a lot of this is coming from the democratic side up on capitol hill. you have congressmen from ohio, dennis kucinich saying the president should have gone to congress first and asked for congressional approval before any military action. and virginia senator jim webb is saying to him, and webb is a former military veteran of the vietnam war, to him, webb said this action appears unfocused and of an undetermined time. the senator from virginia wants more information from the white house exactly what the end game is here. >> and who the rebels are and who the leaders are and what we know about these folks.
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we'll be watching. i have an update on the japan disaster. members of the nuclear regulatory commission met at head quarters in rockville today. they say the situation in japan appears to be stabilizing. officials are working to restore power to cooling systems that could take a few more weeks because of the extensive damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami. meantime more than 450,000 people are displaced and the death toll could top 18,000. there are privacy concerns in virginia. why the state can give you a dna test if your relative is accused of a crime. plus d.c. police say an accident has led to murder charges being filed against a 15-year-old girl. we're back in two minutes. 
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tonight the search is on for whoever provided a gun to a 15-year-old girl who is accused of killing a student at
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anacostia high. it happened on sunday on stanton road. she picked up a gun and aimd it at a 18-year-old gary gordon and pulled the trigger. another person tried to make it look like an accident. bob mcdonnell pushing a new dna technique for criminal investigations called familial dna. they use the dna of a suspect family member to help identify suspects whose genetic material can't be found in the data base. familial dna searches have been used in california and colorado and criticized for lack of privacy. and the latest crackdown on illegal immigration in virginia will happen ahead of schedule. governor mcdonnell has ordered that the e verify system be used for anybody applying for a state job. the governor wants the law into place by june of this year not december. some find it impossible to travel freely. tonight why hundreds of immigrants claim they are
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suffering as the u.s. ramps up efforts to root out home grown terrorism. sammy hagar describes how aliens -- aliens abducted him. he said they tapped into his mind through a wireless connection. yeah, the wires aren't connecting. and he described an incident at age 4 where he claims to have penis atia in public. ♪
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a constant effort to prevent home grown terrorism has u.s. oar officials balancing personal rights against national security. now hundreds of americans an immigrants claim they have suffered because of investigations. the associated press' david martin has the story. >> reporter: pure con considered himself a bostonnan. ask him when he made his way to
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boston and he won't tell you a year, but instead who was playing for the celtics. >> i got attached to the post season and then the celtics when i followed the red sox and now in 1996, the patriots. >> reporter: last may con was surrounded. >> fbi, state police, boston police, homeland security, immigration, you can name it. they were there. >> reporter: 12 days prior fizzel hasad loaded up a blue nissan pathfinder and attempted to bomb times square. con's nephew lived with him and had once used a money transfer system common among middle eastern immigrants and that'sad was one of the links in the chain. because of this pure con would spend the next 76 days in solitary confinement. he's part of americans and immigrants who claim they have
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suffered as the u.s. government attempts to quell a rise in home grown terror threats. james car pheno said they understand there will be false positives. >> it's like looking for a need until a needle stack. >> reporter: these have become an expensive problem. recent settlements have cost the u.s. government millions of dollars. the number of terror cases referred to the u.s. attorney's office has doubled. 2500 people are now on the no- fly list and 400,000 on a terror watch list. civil rights advocates say many on the lists are there solely because of their heritage or religion. the u.s. department of justice refused to talk to the associated press on camera, but said in a written response, the justice department and fbi do not investigate individuals, based solely on activities
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protected by the first amendment or based solely on religion, race, ethnicity or national origin. carrow fono said while it might not be popular, security is in conflict. >> the system says give me the maximum freedom and the maximum protensions at the same time -- provisions at the same time. >> reporter: and this man lost his apartment, his taxi and his wife received death threats and now the fact that he's married to a u.s. citizen, because he came to the u.s. illegally, he faces possible deportation. he's not bitter though. whether it's the fbi, homeland security, or his fellow inmates, con seems to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. he still talks of lying on his cell floor and talking under the door to other prisoners. >> i don't care what somebody did. anybody can make a mistake.
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>> reporter: con now lives with his wife at a relative's apartment and in his closeen is an envelope full of letters sent from criminals to a man who for 76 days was one of them. david martin, the associated press. up and down week, so i guess just grin and bear it? >> it's not going to feel -- well today was spring-like. the rest of the week, only will feel spring-like because we have showers around and maybe thunderstorms too. by the end of the week, and i'm teasing ahead here with the forecast, by the end of the week, it's not going to feel like spring at all. the thunderstorms move through this morning and they are out of here. we've had a little bit of sunshine and temperatures have been warming up. but now we deal with another round of some showers, even some storms too. this is coming in from west to east. nothing here in the city.
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i-95 is clear. most of 66 is clear now. and out to 81. and the strongest activity is down to the south of that, fredericksberg, this is sliding south of you. again this is thunderstorm activity. we do not anticipate that anything is going to be severe, but we will definitely have a little bit of rain moving through, some showers and again potentially some thunderstorms moving across as well this evening. so just kind of keep that in mind. and temperatures in some places already well up into the 70s today. in terms of the evening forecast, i think it's going to be pretty decent at least until we get to about 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. and i think then we could have some showers and storms. there are showers and thunderstorms brewing in western sections of pennsylvania that may just be able to hold together and come across here. so with that in mind, we'll keep that in the forecast at least for the evening hours. this is future cast tonight at 11:00. nothing too heavy but a chance of a shower moving through.
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and then overnight we dry out and most of the day tomorrow we have good amounts of sunshine, but we will have some clouds from time to time as well. temperatures a little cooler than today. rain tomorrow night, or earlier thursday morning, either way you look at it. and then the showers will begin to drag away for thursday afternoon. but again by thursday -- or pardon me, wednesday evening, we'll have more showers coming on across. so just think of wednesday as primarily being a late day. and then on thursday, we look to stay dry but you can see the snow to the north and most importantly here, that's just an indication of some colder air up to the north which will settle in here for the latter part of the week. so here is the forecast, at least for the next few days.
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not bad tomorrow, 62. rain on wednesday. it looks like we'll stay dry on thursday for the most part. but we won't see a lot of sunshine. look at these temperatures right now, 72 at dulles, 72 at manassas. and down south almost 80 degrees there. there is a lot of warmth to the south. colder temperatures up to the north. and it looks like we're going to be right in the middle, this battle area between the warmest air -- the warmest air to the south and the coldest temperatures to the north. showers possible tonight and low tomorrow down to 51. cooler than today with temperatures only in the lower 60s. and as brian mentioned, it just kind of is up and down, around and unsettled here and there this week, but by saturday high of only 48 degrees. that's spring for you. >> yep, just deal with it. another caps superstar sidelined. we'll tell you how long. lindsey murphy is up next with sports edge. and he's living proof you can do anything you want to put your mind too. over the weekend anthony robles became a ncaa wrestling champion. he's no ordinary athlete. he was born with only one leg.
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he defeated his opponent by a score of 7-1. it helped himern outstanding -- helped him earn outstanding wrestler of the tournament. 's rig
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good evening. i'm lindsey murphy. the news isn't good for the capitals. ovechkin won't travel to philly for the flyers and he will miss 7-10 days to rest an undisclosed injury. the coach said ovie is feeling sore and that he didn't fight him on the decision. boudreau said if this were a playoff game he wouldn't play. this comes as ovechkin has been heating up, tallying a point in 14 of the last 16 games. >> he's had some nagging injuries for a while now that have bothered him and like you
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read, we only had one game in six days and so we thought this would be the best time to get completely healed up. so by the time he starts playing again, we'll be 100% healthy. >> this year's ncaa tournament has been the ultimate bracket buster. who would have thought a quarter of the teams in the sweet 16 would have double- digit seedings or that the big east would have the same amount of teams left as the city of richmond with two. one top seed that would not be bullied was ohio state. even after george mason jumped out to an early 11-2 lead. buckeyes went on a 50-15 run to end the first half and got it down inside with gerald salinger and with david lighty who hit three-pointers. the dream ends for the patriots in the round of 32. >> i'm proud of making the ncaa tournament but winning a game and advancing and playing
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against a team like ohio state, that was whoa. >> you go back and look at the 16 game winning streak, regular season conference champions, praying guest -- playing guest the toughest teams. so great season for my team. two local womens teams will slash tomorrow night. fourth seeded maryland and 5th seeded georgetown both practiced this afternoon at comcast center. this is the terp's 19th tournament appearance but the third for the jollas but georgetown isn't interested in the tournament history. >> well mr. coleman is not there any more. things have changed. not that they are not a very good team, but we're playing the 2010-2011 university of maryland women's team and they are matching up with the 2010- 2011 women's basketball team so it's about the kids on the floor now. >> i don't think we're worried about what anybody else has to say. i think the coaches have got us
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well prepared for this game and we want to play and play maryland basketball. >> now georgetown did beat maryland earlier this season. and another d.c. star hurting. bryce harper sprained his left ankle at minor league camp in viera, florida. he stepped awkwardly on first base and left the game immediately and right now is listed as day-to-day. brian. >> aren't we all. and now you have the news edge. the news is always on at a bit of a rainy week ahead. you have the radar right there. it's live. all of that on our website. we're back here tonight at 10:00, the news edge at 11:00. as always, we hope you will be too. have a great night. 
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